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Consulente AdWordsAre you looking for a Google Ads Consultant in order to boost the traffic (and especially the sales) of your Web Site?

You are in the right place, Google Ads is the tool you need in so many cases. Google Ads is an online advertising service provided by Google, the most popular search engine in the world, where payments are done only when a user actually clicks on the ad and ‘lands’ on the web site.  This model is called Pay Per Click or Keywords Advertising.

I am Valerio Celletti, Certified Google Ads Consultant, trainer and Google Premier Partner. I have supervised around 2 million euros in managed budgets since 2016, and my agency is recognized at Top 3% in Italy.

On Upwork, the main freelancing platform in the world, I am top rated with over 70 completed projects and a success rate of 100%. Would you like to know more? Read my resume!

I can help you to set, implement and optimize Google Ads campaigns for the Italian or foreign markets, selecting accurately the keywords which intercept your customers’ target, providing your website or your landing page with qualified traffic and conversions from users to clients, in a measurable and transparent way.§



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    What does a Google Ads Consultant do?

    A Google Ads Consultant is a professional expert who creates, optimises and manages Google AdWords Campaigns on behalf of final clients and agencies.
    He knows in detail tools, best practices, metrics and the most advanced techniques related to Pay Per Click campaigns and is always up to date on the latest opportunities and updates.

    He is able to ensure a complete professional support related to all the aspects of paid traffic, he constantly works for the optimisation of key metrics (Conversion Rate, Conversion Cost, Return on Advertising expense, CTR) and he finds new opportunities for every project he deals with, whether it is for Branding, Lead Generation or to boost sales on e-commerce sites.



    Who is a Google Ads Consultant?

    A certified Google Ads Consultant not only works daily for the optimisation of campaigns for the accounts he is responsible for, but he is a specialist who periodically undertakes general and specific certification tests for sub areas of the platform (e.g. Search, Mobile, Display, Shopping) created and managed by Google itself.

    This means entrusting your campaigns to a person in continuous development and who is, therefore, able to offer punctual, truthful and correct responses on what regards PPC campaigns.

    The status of Premier Google Partner is given to the few, best agencies which have demonstrated practical competence and results in the management of Google Ads campaigns, rapidity and productive adoption of new techniques in response to great amounts of managed budgets.



    Why choose a Google Ads Consultant?

    The rapidity through which the Google Ads platform evolves imposes a specific and experienced professionality. A Google Ads Consultant’s job requires analytical capability, knowledge of statistical elements, rudiments of programming and excellent knowledge of general Marketing, especially on its online varied uses.

    Creating an AdWords campaign is indeed simple. Verifying hundreds of options and parameters, taking tests, verifying the performance day by day and making specific and targeted adjustments means taking Google Ads campaigns on a higher level, maximizing your own online advertising investments.

    A good consultant can help you not only to set new campaigns and improve existing campaigns but also and especially to verify that the technical setup (conversion tracking, audience setup, quality score control) is impeccable and squeeze every last drop from every single cent in euro invested. This means having the maximum control over the key actions of users and of the quality metrics and to make decisions up to 100% lead by data.



    How to choose a Google Ads Consultant?

    I don’t mean to tell you who will be just right for you, not even WHO you should choose. I can only give you some general instructions that might be helpful.

    1. DO NOT choose a generalist Web agency. Not just because they do not have the internal competencies necessary and specific in order to do well, but also because they have costs (headquarter, employees) who will inevitably be discharged on your consultancy. You might risk to pay a lot and receive a very low-quality result.
    2. DO NOT choose a freelance at a low price on an online marketplace. You might find an alleged consultant who offers their ‘copy and paste’ service for dollars per hour. Their approach is to ‘copy and paste’ campaigns, get the money agreed upon and pass to the next client.
    3. DO NOT choose a consultant who promises amazing results and sumptuous revenues. They are often dishonest: how would they make forecasts if they do not even have access to data?
    4. DO NOT choose a friend of a friend, or a friend’s relative just because he is a trusted person. You are entrusting a key activity such as trade and acquisition of clients to an offhanded, or so.